JacFlash+ Membership



This two-tiered program is targeted towards helping women who all have one common goal – to become the best version of themselves and fulfill their entrepreneurial goals as seamlessly as possible.

Some women feel stagnant because they are stuck in a repetitive cycle and don’t know where to begin in starting their business, while other women may just need help connecting the dots. Wherever you are on your journey, The JacFlash Network & JacFlash+ is here to bring women together and help each other get to where we need to be. 




The first tier, The JacFlash Network, is a private online community of women who are already entrepreneurs or are on their way to becoming them. Subscribing to this service gives you access to the following:

  • A discussion wall – where women are encouraged to ask and answer questions, as well as post useful articles and tips
  • A trades & services board – where women can both post and acquire services from other women entrepreneurs in the desired city to help them with their Start-Up (for example photographers, videographers, digital/web designers, and lawyers)
  • A job bank – where women can see jobs offered in the desired city
  • A directory of international contacts in various industries to help get you connected to the sources you need
  • An events calendar – where women can see and RSVP to lifestyle events in the desired city.


The second tier, JacFlash+,

Our mission is to educate, inspire, empower and provide all the tools for women who want to adopt success-proven strategies and habits into their daily lives and break that cycle! Subscribing to The Jacflash Network and Jacflash+ will enable women to reach their full potential in their home, work and community environments while propelling them towards fulfilling their dreams of building a successful business and becoming a SUPER woman!